Climate-Sensitive Water Urbanism: An Ecosystematic Approach to Synergizing Engineering with Urban Design

Civil and Envionmental Engineering, Washington State University

Air & Water Resources Seminar

Time: 4:10 – 5 p.m. on September 26, 2016

Location: PACCAR 202, Washington State University

Join us for a talk by Professor Hope Hui Rising on Climate-Sensitive Water Urbanism as part of the Air & Water Resource Seminar for the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the Washington State University.


The provision of ecosystem services through nature in cities is limited due to competing
real estate needs for developable land. Green retrofits of buildings, infrastructure, public
spaces, and right-of-ways have been undertaken at a city scale to provide more systemwide
water retention to better climate-proof post-disaster cities like New Orleans and New
York. This water-coherent approach to urban design provides opportunities for
transforming urban fabrics into ecosystem-service-providers for the mutual benefit of
humans and nature. Blue-green parkways are emerging as a smart ecological network that
helps connect these decentralized green retrofits into man-made ecosystems. This
ecosystematic approach has the potential to upscale localized green retrofits into ecodistricts
and eco-cities that function as climate-resilient ecosystems. The presentation will
highlight potential opportunities to synergize engineering with urban design to provide
supporting, provisioning, regulating, and cultural ecosystem services. The role of this
ecosystematic approach will also be discussed in light of climate mitigation and adaptation.


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