Adaptive Water Urbanism Initiative

Welcome to the Adaptive Water Urbanism Initiative, an integrated program of teaching, research, and outreach at the Texas A&M University.

The initiative translates cutting-edge research into adaptive environmental solutions. We generate these solutions through engaging both stakeholders and experts in consensus-building planning and design.

These consensus-based solutions intend to help communities become more livable and resilient through applying the best science and technology for environmental and climate adaptation.

Specifically, we focus on addressing the compounding effect of sea level rise, drought, and flooding from coastal, riverine, and inland crosscurrents.

Our transformative place-making approach aims to help at-risk communities better adapt to these challenges while making them more sustainable socially, environmentally, and economically.

New courses in development at the Texas A&M University

  1. Principles of Urban Design
  2. Infrastructure Planning
  3. Future-Proofing Houston GeoDesign Studio

Past courses offered at the Washington State University.

  1. Adapting Richmond to Rising Tides
  2. Resilient by Design Seminar
  3. Bay Area Field Trip
  4. Design Research Internship
  5. Adapting San Francisco to Rising Tides
  6. Rainworks Challenge
  7. Grading and Storm Water Management
  8. Adapting Seattle to Rising Tides

Past courses offered at the Penn State University.

  1. Adapting Baltimore to Rising Tides
  2. Water Urbanism Seminar
  3. Grading and Storm Water Management
  4. Professional Practice

Design Game by Landscape Architecture and Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering Students.

Design Game by Landscape Architecture, Environmental Sciences, and Geospatial Analysis Students.

Field Trip to San Francisco Central Waterfront with San Francisco Public Works and Green Benefit Districts (GBD).

Design Game with San Francisco City Staff, Experts, Stakeholders, and Youth.

Seattle High School Students Presenting Design Game Outcomes.